Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ronson chapters 8 & 9

In chapter 8, Jon Ronson learns about a woman named Rachel North, who was involved in a tragic train bombing. Being a writer, she blogs about her experience with the accident, and conspiracy theorists comment on her writings and twist her words to make people believe that the bombing was a power surge. When visiting with Rachel, Ronson learns that the man behind the conspiracy theory was a man named David Shayler. Shayler is the leader of the conspiracy group that was attacking Rachel's blog, and came up with his own conspiracies on several different events in history including 9/11, 7/7. After meeting with Shayler, Ronson starts to wonder if he is a part of the madness industry, being a journalist, just as Charlotte Scott and reality TV. Ronson realizes that all of these reality TV shows are based on the small percent of the society that is dysfunctional, and not the large part of society that is considered "functional"

These two chapters each had me confused in certain parts. In chapter 8, I was slightly confused with all the code names and terms that were used when David Shayler was chosen to be a spy. In chapter 9, I was confused with the part of the meeting with Britton when he hands Ronson a piece of paper. I couldn’t understand what the meaning of the paper was (pg. 227)

I did think it was funny of Ronson to make a graph of Shayler’s conspiracy theories and how much attention he got in the media to show the reader that the Messiah theory was a little out there.

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