Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blog 10/13/11

My question: Does stem cell research have an impact on human lives and the medical field?
Could stem cell research change the future of the medical field?

I chose this question because there has been a strong debate about stem cell research in the past couple years. Many people support using embryonic stem cells, but others do not as it involves taking stem cells from a fetus. Others feel that stem cell research could possibly cure cancer and other medical diseases that cause thousands of deaths each year around the world. I would start my giving the reader information about  what stem cells are and the locations of where they are extracted from on the body. I would then talk about the reasons for why people choose their side of the controversy, and what factors lead them to that decision. Next, I would explain the different methods of stem cell research and different types of procedures that involve stem cells.
For one of my primary sources, I would interview my mom's friend at work, who had breast cancer and underwent a stem cell transplant, and is now cancer free. For another primary source I would use the information she was given from the doctors while receiving treatment, which is a thick booklet on all the different types of stem cell transplants and the procedures for each one.

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